How does Netflix’s Content Management System work? — Product Exploration Case Study


We all know about Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime but I always wondered how would they be handling so much data and how would they be uploading content to their site. How’s that backend system looking like, how is it handled? So I decided to design a web portal that allows content managers to upload streaming media (movies or TV series content) for an online streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The goal is to come up with a product that allows content managers to upload media on Netflix, manage and monitor the media on Netflix and demonstrate how the workflow would look like for this.


There are obviously a lot of CMS for managing streaming media content for online streaming services but I wanted to understand how it works normally so that I can design a product around it.


The major users of this product are the (for lack of a better word) “Content Uploaders”, basically who upload the content to the platform using this tool. And there are different levels to them as well:


The way the process works for the uploaders is:

Information Architecture


Using the insights I gathered from the research, I drafted the flows and then I started created hi-fi visuals of some of the screens. This demonstrates the task of uploading media. These screens are for Administrators, the controls and options just reduce for different user types.

Content Uploaders access


Disclaimer: This is an unofficial exploration, I haven’t worked or been involved with Netflix for this. This is just my creative representation of how the system might looked like based on my personal research.

Designing the best growth management platform at Insider


Designing the best growth management platform at Insider