Online Laundry App — UX Case Study


Back in September 2015, I was in the third year of my college, was having a discussion with 4 of my classmates about the irregular and unreasonably priced laundry service that we had. We did some research and asked several other students if they would like to have an app for that, and launched Deterge Laundry. As full-time students, we didn’t want to raise the capital to purchase equipment and lease space, and it didn’t make sense for us to manage a full-time laundry business, so we decided to be the technology provider and aggregators.


Identifying users

It’s vital in project’s development to have a well-defined audience, that will ensure that all of the design, functionality and content decisions are targeting the right people, there are many business examples that have failed because of not understanding their audience. I made a few sample persona that fits in:

Establishing the vision

We started out with a simple goal in our minds which is to provide simple, fast and cheap laundry for students without hassle, built around student’s needs.

Market segmentation

User research was done of more than 30 potential target users from different colleges around the area & people living around the area. Conducting interviews is essential in gathering information, throughout the years I’ve learned that the better you get at this the more useful the information will be. Knowing how to structure your questions, how to listen and how to be grateful is the key. Lot of them don’t like the hassle of the signup process and wanted easy signing up the process. To view the survey form responses, click here.

Understanding scenario

The easiest way to understand behavior is through scenarios, identifying a users goals and needs and his following action steps will lead you to truly understanding why and how a user is using your product. That represents the building-block for the project development

Prioritizing the functionalities

Developing flows

Once I’ve completed the personas and user journeys, I started developing flows. It visualises what I’ve have learnt about how users would navigate the app, what sort of content they will need to support them in their goals and what sort of language they use to identify things.


So based on research we found out that the main purpose of the app was to request for laundry pickup. We decided to avoid registration or login as the first interaction of the app, so we kept the first screen to be the main function of the app, that is to request for laundry pickup.

Lo-fi mockups

I used the Adobe XD to design the interface of the app. With symbols and text styles, it was easy to iterate the design and integrate user and client feedback. For user testing, I uploaded the preview on Adobe XD Live Preview From observation and their feedback, I re-iterated the design.

High fidelity mockups

The designs initially were quite subtle and followed the usual practices of laundry apps that were there in the market. But we eventually decided to strip down steps that weren’t needed and make it an easier experience. So we avoided using Login or Signup screen to be the first screen and replaced the welcome screen with the booking screen which is the most important objective of the user.

Evaluating and testing

Implement and Launch

Branding and marketing


We came up with an online laundry solution for university students and people living around the area. We focussed on making the app easy to use and service affordable and fast in comparison to the other existing service providers. We aggregated a few small local launderers (dhobiwaale) who agreed to be a part of our service. And later we got a deal with a major laundry service provider who then was under contract with Indian Railways. With the help of their massive infrastructure and manpower, we were able to provide a fast and affordable service for everyone.



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